World Toe Wrestling Championship 2018


Baseball seems to be the America’s favourite summer pastime, but things are different in Europe. A no-hands sport is very popular – and I am not referring soccer. Toe wrestling is a famous pastime in England. Surprisingly, there is an entire championship based on this sport every summer season. The sport started in 1976, and over the decades, it has taken Derbyshire community by storm. With the toe wrestling championships coming up in 2018, it’s good to understand the sport in case you want to participate.

Toe Wrestling

Toe wrestling involves two people. The participants should be bare feet and sit facing each other on the floor. They should interlock their toes and then battle just like an arm-wrestle to wrangle the opponent’s foot towards a sideboard of a designated wrestling area. It’s worth noting that toe wrestling is more of a skill rather than strength. This is because the opponents should keep their feet on the air with their hands on the ground.

Toe wrestling strategy

For you to win at toe wrestling, you need the strongest toes. Nasty Nash, the toe wrestling champion (in 2017), says that he found a way of making his toes the strongest. His exerciser looks like a resistant band, and he uses it across his flexed huge toes.

Nash acknowledges the fact that only strength can get him so far. Thus, he even pairs his big toes with extreme intimidation to take the victory home. He says that his technique is to hurt his first opponent to scare everyone else.

Just like any other sport, toe wrestling is also associated with injuries. Broken toes, sprained ankles, and more as some of the common injuries associated with toe wrestling. For instance, in 2012, Nasty Nash broke nine toes and made some of his opponents suffer sprained ankles.

Besides, the sport also takes a toll on the participant’s back. That means people with spine or back issues should remain in the crows and stay away from the toe wrestling ring.

You can also test your toe wrestling abilities

Do you intend to chomp at the bit to lock your toe with a stranger? Well, you may be lucky. Both ladies and gents can participate in the sport. If you’re looking for pre-tournament prep, the birthplace of toe wrestling (Royal Oak Inn) in Ashbourne has a toe wrestling charity fundraising scheduled at different times of the year.