Toe Wrestling Can You Be A Champion?

If you haven’t heard about TOE wrestling, you must not be paying attention. Four gentlemen in the UK, while out having a good time one night, decided that it was time that the UK put themselves on the athletic map. What better way to do so than to invent your own game? In that moment TOE wrestling was born, and it has been going strong ever since. It may seem like a silly activity to engage in, but realistically, that is what makes it so much fun.

TOE wrestling

Toe wrestling is exactly what the name implies. It is about taking your opponent out by outing your toes. Not a skill that everyone has, it takes some practice and some natural talent to be a toe wrestler. A great competitive game, it can also be a very intimate one to play with your significant other. Not just a game that you do behind closed doors, there is actually toe wrestling championship events that are held around the city. What is more fun than picking up a pint with friends as you watch people twist and turn their toes to take out their competitor?

Catching on like wildfire, it isn’t just a sport for the UK. International toe wrestling is happening all over the globe. People are coming from countries abound to get their toes wet trying to become the toe wrestling champion. Started in 1976, it is just now gaining in population. A national past time, it is becoming much more far reaching and attracting an international class of athlete and spectators alike.

There are many tricks of the trade to toe wrestling; it isn’t just all about skill. If you think that you don’t have talented toes, think again. A physical and mental game, there is no rhyme or reason why some excel over others. Unlike other sports, it isn’t as if you can do pushups, or lift toe weights; it is about being quick on your feet, manipulating your toes and scaring off the competition. A game of skill, it takes not just your toes, but forethought to outwit your opponent.

“Nasty” Nash is currently the toe wrestling champion of the United Kingdom. Recently defending his 12th world title, many think he is unbeatable. What is the secret of his success? That is left for you to figure out because Nasty isn’t talking. Taking on both men and women alike, he knows how to defeat any piggy wee’s that go up against his fierce members.

If you would like to give toe wrestling a try, why not? It is one of the very few sports that takes very little athletic performance. Who knows it may be your time in the sun? Get those toes limber and try your toes at wrestling, you may find that it is something you can really get into. Can you beat Nasty Nash? Who knows, perhaps soon arthritis will set in, and you can take him down. For now, start at the bottom and build. With

toe wrestling, the sky is the limit.