Is Toe Wrestling a Real Sport?

Some people can take sport very seriously. For many, it is a way to make a living. Because of this, there may be objections when some others don’t take it as seriously as perhaps they should. This can include some activities that people claim to be a sport, but is really more just a bit of fun. One such sport is toe wrestling, and many people might argue that it is not a sport at all. Whether or not it is a sport remains largely a matter of opinion.

toe wrestling

Competitive Games
One thing that argues in favour of toe wrestling being considered a true sport is that it can involve competitive matches. Sometimes, there may even be prizes awarded to the winners of these matches. For the people that are entering into and competing for these prizes, toe wrestling is very much a sport. Some will even take it seriously enough to train and practice as much as possible before hand.

A Lot of Fun
Others will argue that despite there being a competitive element, toe wrestling is really just a bit of fun. A lot of laughter is usually involved in these events, and sometimes a lot of alcohol is involved, too. It is not unusual for competitors to have a drink or two before their own event begins.

Whether or not toe wrestling is a real sport largely depends on how you approach it personally. Regardless of how you take it, it can be a lot of fun to get involved in.