Toe Wrestling Info and Updates

If you haven’t heard the legend behind TOE wrestling, you must not be on the beat of the athletic world. Four drinkers from the UK decided, one day while drinking, that it was time they put the UK on the athletic map and what better way to do so than to invent a game all their own. Out of that brainstorming idea came what is known as TOE wrestling, a UK spectator favorite, individuals around London are having a great time matching TOEs to gain dominance and the prominent role of being the very best.

TOE wrestling

TOE to TOE match

If you are going to visit the UK, then going for a TOE to TOE match is one of the greatest past times there is. Not only fun, there is a competitive nature in the air that is something quite spectacular. The best part about TOE wrestling is that it isn’t just something the pros do, once you get the hang of it, it can be a fun way to spend time with your significant other. When traveling to the UK, if you don’t have your own set of toes to accompany you, then consider the potential of employing the London escorts industry to find that unique set of piggy-wees.

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TOE wrestling in London

If you are doubting the fun and engagement of TOE wrestling and hiring a London escort to show you the way, the reigning champion of toe wrestling in the UK is none other than an escort. Yes, that is right, the top wrestler is someone who is available to go toe to toe with you any night of the week.

It may not be a conventional way to spend your evening, but you only live once. If you want to have some great fun and laughs, toe wrestling is not only a UK favorite past time, but it is also a great time to spend some intimate moments snuggled up to a London escort. Why spend your travels alone when you don’t have to? There are a ton of Escorts ready and waiting to make your trip the most spectacular time you can imagine.